Pam Collaco

Pam’s yogic journey started almost 10 years ago when she wanted to add a new element to her fitness regimen. Through dedicated practice yoga became so much more for her. It has become an integral part of her life on and off the mat. The more she gained knowledge, the more she realized that the fruitful returns greatly outweigh the effort. She credits this life practice for teaching her greater compassion and kindness, toward others as well as herself.

She has come full circle now that she has completed 200 hours of training to become a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has enjoyed working at Worlds Yoga as Manager of the Milpitas Studio, having celebrated her one-year anniversary in March 2016.

It seems fitting that she has moved into teaching at Worlds Yoga Milpitas and Fremont Studios. She is looking forward to meeting more members and seeing them all on their mats soon!